EHR Communications.

This site was created to keep our medical staff current on the latest updates to the Navicent Health Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. EHR changes/ updates will be posted to this site every month. The intent is to provide our medical staff with useful, concise information related to EHR details that can be reviewed quickly and easily. Links to additional resources where appropriate will be provided.

February 2019

Education for Prep Alerts


March 2019

Cerner 610 Upgrade


April 2019

Documenting Followups for Providers


May 2019

Change in Lab Results Display



January 2018

How to discharge a Patient from a Consulting Service


In Erroring a Note


March 2018

Signing PowerPlans


The Cancel-Reorder function


April 2018

Tagging Diagnostic Results


May 2018

Sepsis Alert for Providers


June 2018

Medical Necessity Orders


September 2018

mCDS Update


January 2017

Medication Reconciliation Acknowlegement Functuality


Sepsis Alerts and Advisor


February 2017

Telemetry Alerts for Physicians


March 2017

Changes in Cerner PowerChart


May 2017

Locating Notes in Cerner


August 2017

Problem List for Dynamic Documentation


September 2017

VTE Risk Assessment and DVT VTE Prophylaxis SubPhase


December 2017

Locating PowerPlans



January 2016

Discharging a patient with Home Health Care


February 2016

Pediatric Sepsis Alert Change


March 2016

Correcting and Modifying a Signed PowerNote


New Sepsis PowerNote Template


Vital Signs smart template


April 2016

Height Weight Smart Template


MRSA Prevention in the ICU


May 2016

Medication Profile Safeguards


September 2016

CT and Upper GI order Change


November 2016

Electronic Medication Reconciliation


December 2016

VTE Provider Training



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