In the following lessons you may see examples of orders being entered as Verbal orders
as the communication type. Please be aware that as a MR you will only enter Written orders.
Lessons in this section are created exclusively for MCPC Navicent Health personnel. Lessons common to both
MCPC Navicent Health and Medical Center Navicent Health personnel can be accessed in the appropriate section on the left side of this page.
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Training (CBTs).  Training (CBTs)
  Please read here before beginning.
Physicians/Providers. Physicians/Providers / Take the Provider Post-Class Survey
Physicians/Providers. ER Physicians
Physician Affiliates. Physician Affiliates
Nurse Extenders. Nurse Extenders
Nursing Staff. Nursing Staff
Emergency Room Nurses. Emergency Room Nurses
Women's Health/Powwr Chart Maternity. Women's Health/Power Chart Maternity
Surginet NursesSurginet Nurses
Patient Care Staff. Patient Care Staff
Locum Tenens Pre-Hire Training Modules. Locum Tenens Pre-Hire Training Modules
Med Students Training Modules. Med Students Training Modules
Resident Training Modules. Resident Training Modules
Fellows Training Modules. Fellows Training Modules

Medical Center of Peach County-Navicent Health.

Resident Training Modules. Navicent Health, Baldwin



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